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What Makes Us Unique

Brokers vs Fiduciaries


We are a CEFEX Advisory Firm

We are 1 of 6 CEFEX Certified firms in the State of Ohio and 1 of 500+ firms globally to meet this standard of excellence to provide clients the protection of a 3-part CEFEX Fiduciary Trifecta.

 1.  Meeting ERISA requirements. Fred Reish, a nationally known ERISA attorney has issued a legal opinion stating in part, “…CEFEX Certified firms have met or exceeded the minimum requirements of ERISA.”

 2.  CEFEX Certification of our client’s individual plans.  As a Certified advisory firm, our plans pose less risk for plan fiduciaries.

 3.  CEFEX Certified participant investment advice held to the ERISA Fiduciary Standard.

CEFEX Certification

We are transparent and disclose all costs, fees and charges.  We do not accept any compensation outside of our advisory management agreement, as it would be a prohibited transaction and conflict with the fiduciary code.  Bottom line, as fiduciaries, we serve your best interest to help you retire successfully. 

“As fiduciaries, (Desiree, Douglas & myself), we embrace our role as AIFs by serving our clients best interests, utilizing a structured process to reduce investment costs & risks, while improving our client’s probability of success and outcomes.

Our firm voluntarily agreed to undergo a rigorous assessment conducted by independent expert analysts; resulting in our firm’s approval to proudly display the internationally recognized CEFEX certification.”

- Dennis L. Tidmore

Fiduciary Oath

What Makes Us Unique?  We just don’t offer investment services—we help people retire successfully.  Your Goals are our Goals.  Our Fiduciary Process has been an invaluable resource to individuals, plan sponsors and participants alike.

Fiduciary, basically means trusted.  You'll get the same advice as our family members.

This sounds like common sense but it’s practice is extremely uncommon in the financial services industry.

Value of Doing Business with an AIF®