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What stands between you and your goals?  Whether you own or run a business or are simply looking to protect personal wealth, taking on every important financial decision can be daunting at best.  While you may be an expert at running your company and your career, you need to be confident that you're making the most of your investment decisions.  As fiduciary advisors, our firm's signature service improves outcomes for retirement.

Understanding Professionals.

We understand your situation.  We are a family run firm and hard-working professionals.  Since 1977, we have committed our expertise to develop a complete financial management process for like-minded individuals.  Through this process, we have helped create and maintain lasting financial strategies for hundreds of individuals and businesses.

"Our clients work hard at accumulating their wealth, we work hard at preserving and protecting their wealth and income for retirement", says Dennis. "Our business and careers are focused on taking care of the financial side of things so they can spend worry-free time concentrating on all the other important things in their lives."

Whether you are across town or across the country, know you can count on our firm for advice and services for you, your family, and your business.


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"Clients know they can count on our firm.  They know we'll always be looking for ways to improve their financial outcomes."

- Dennis L. Tidmore, AIF®