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Market Volatility

Market volatility is normal and, in many ways, healthy.  It reflects the constant movement of investments.  It allows for assets that may not be priced right to correct themselves—presenting a buying opportunity for investors.  It is important to remember that for most of your investing timeline, you will likely experience an enjoyable journey to achieving your financial goals. 

During periods of market volatility, that can wreak havoc on your emotions and cause some investors to make decisions that can have a negative long-term effect.  For that reason, planning is everything.  

Your financial goals are as unique as you are.  During the planning process, we gathered important information such as capacity for risk, so that we can build a plan that also takes into account your emotional tolerance for market volatility. 

As fiduciary advisors, Tidmore Retirement Planning Specialists takes an active role in managing your investments.  We carefully screen investments on the basis of long-term performance, manager tenure, investment costs and risks, these stated objectives tend to drive outstanding results.  Through our oversight and disciplined investment review process we help keep your portfolio on track during turbulent times.

Rate hikes are on the minds of investors as Wednesday’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting is upon us.  The investment community is in a period of uncertainty as they wait on the Fed on how it intends to control inflation. Russia, rate hikes, and volatility have investors running scared to start the week.  Pressures are mounting as rippling effects can have severe implications to the oil and gas market and the state of the global economy.

Goal based planning is not just about numbers or red and green arrows!   It’s about how long your investments will provide you an income stream for retirement. It’s about building a roadmap that takes into account significant market volatility and downside risk, so when you inevitably hit those bumps in the road, you have peace of mind, knowing we have planned for this.

As always please reach out with any questions or concerns.  If you know of a family member or friend who could benefit from our services, we welcome the introduction.  



Dennis L. Tidmore, AIF®



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